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CityGuide3D technology

CityGuide3D (CG3D) technology is for adding and publishing Point of Interest (POI) data on 3D maps in Internet.

Source material for CityGuide3D web map is a rendered axonometric (oblique view without perspective) 3D-map viewed from at least 4 directions. (Usually south, west, north and east. View angle usually 45 degrees.)

Point of interest data with Internet links is added into 2D/3D-map in a MySQL-database. POI-data can be sorted into different kinds of groups like: Hotel, shops, traffic etc. Data point location can be adjusted separately in all different views because there can be higher buildings in front of original point in some views.

Map can be sliced in advance into smaller local maps. CG3D includes a web interface running on Apache Internet server with PHP and MySQL. When client asks over Internet for a certain part of the map, the PHP-server generates a html-page for the area with 3D map and selected category POI symbols. CityGuide3D-user can select what kind of POI data he wants to view on the map. User can view the 3D-map from 4 directions and can zoom in and out in at least in 3 steps. Different kind of POI data symbols is using color-coded symbols.

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