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Architectural models and visualizations

Although Fontus is has mainly concentrated in building large urban models, it has also long experience in architectural models.

New balconies to an old element house. Visualization 2005.

Open a series of pictures in a new window.

Corner of Unioninkatu ja Etelaesplanadi in Helsinki.
View animation from Helsinki Senate Square Duration 46 seconds. Size 6.7 MB.

Old town hall of Kajaani in Finland.
View animation from Kajaani Townhall Square. Duration 31 seconds. Size 4.4 MB.

Onnela housing fair area was modelled before the actual area was built.
View animation from Onnela housing fair area. Duration 68 seconds. Size 11.5 MB.

Tokyo International Forum.
View animation from Tokyo. Duration 23 seconds. Size 4.0 MB.

Building is part of its neighbourhood

Pasila 3D model was modelled using 3D mapping data by FM-Kartta Oy.
View animation from Pasila Duration 33 seconds. Size 6.5 MB.

Open a series of pictures from Pasila in a new window.

Munkkiniemi and Munkkivuori districts in Helsinki. Most economical way to model an area in Finland is to use data from Finnish National Surveying.

Golf course in Paltamo, Kainuu. Model of the golf course is added in 3D map based on data by Finnish National Surveying.
View animation from Paltamo. Duration 36 seconds. Size 6.4 MB.

With its own modelling tools Fontus can model fast urban areas. More accurate architectural model can then be inserted in its surroundings.


From the model Fontus renders series of pictures and animations.

View 4.5MB mpeg1-animation from balcony project.
You can also save the animation on your hard disk using the right button of your mouse and select "Save file as".

Virtual models

Fontus has been using VRML-technology for years to view 3d models in real time from all angles. Real time inspection helps the planner to find possible mistakes and problems easier.

parvekkeet.wrl - view balcony model virtualy in a new window.
Size 618KB

After you have installed VRML-browser, you can click the link above with your mouse left button.

Install here ParallelGraphicsin Cortona VRML browser (Link opens a new window.)

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