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Virtual Helsinki

Fontus is best known for its large Virtual-Helsinki project. Virtual-Helsinki model is now available as a 3D city map for all companies in Helsinki center. Fontus VisitGuide uses these modern maps for guiding visitors to companies, hotels and stores.

3D oblique maps and street views

VisitGuide can be just few 3D maps showing company location in the center and in the neighbourhood (ArkSystems VisitGuide ) or it can be a large 3D Internet portal with several routes and links to near by services (Ministry for Foreign Affairs VisitGuide).

Guiding by landmarks

Visitor does not have to remember street names and addresses; instead he can view easy to remember landmarks and street views.

VisitGuide2004 has new improved user interface

New VisitGuide has been redesigned utilizing customer feedback. It is easy to use and it can be customised to serve also as a cityguide showing nearby sights and services.

VisitGuide examples

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Example: Link to Ministry for Foreign Affairs VisitGuide

Hotel Anna

Example: Link to Hotel Anna VisitGuide


Example: Link to ArkSystems VisitGuide

FCS Partners

Example: Link to FCS Partners VisitGuide

Sibelius Academy

Example: Link to Sibelius Academy VisitGuide




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