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Fontus CityTools (FCT) are software tools and documented process how to produce 3D city models (maps) from 3D wire frame stereographic maps produced after documented Fontus introductions. Modeling is done in AutoCAD using Fontus software and the result is object model with buildings, facades and land area objects. Model can be translated using Fontus Output Tools into VRML97 and 3DStudioMax.

Examples of this kind of models are Helsinki, Tokyo Marunouchi and London models made by Fontus.


Fontus Terrain Tools (FTT) are a set of software and documented processes to produce 3D Fontus object models from existing 2D map data and some kind of 3D data.

Examples of this kind of models are Virtual-Kainuu model and Tokyo Toranomon model. FTT must be adjusted for each source material. Fontus has adjusted it for Finland's National Land Surveys data and in Japan for Shobunsa's 2D map data with Kogusai Kogyos 3D Lidar point data.


Fontus VisualizationTools (FVT) are programs for making high quality rendering of Fontus 3D city models in 3DStudioMax.

Fontus Visualization Server (FVS) is an ActiveX server program to take commands from Fontus RenderTools and Fontus AxoTools to use 3DStudioMax as an ActiveX-server.

FontusRenderTools use FVS to make still renderings and animations in 3DStudioMax. VRML client in FRT provides real time preview.



Modeling tools

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