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Beta verson of the new web- portal for Virtual Kainuuis opened:
View in a new window - Virtual Kuhmo

Opening is planned for the beginning on 2007.


Virtual Kainuu model covers 23.000 km2 of the province of Kainuu in the northeastern part of Finland. The model is owned by Kajaani Telephone Company (Kajaanin Puhelin Osuuskunta).

This huge model includes all roads, buildings, lakes and rivers in the province. Model is based on the digital material of National Land Survey of Finland.

Town of Kuhmo from distance

More accurate models cover center of the city of Kajaani, skiing resort of Vuokatti and the small city of Kuhmo - famous for its annual chamber music festival.

Demos from Virtual Kainuu project:
View in a new window: Kainuu scenery models


Open in new window: Animations of Kainuu landscape models

Click following animation link with your mouse left button or save to your hard disk pressing mouse right button and select "Save Target As".

Animated Skiing Route at Vuokatti
Duration 23 seconds. Size ci 3.4 MB.

Vuokatti at winter
Duration 20 seconds. Size ci 6.3 MB.

Onnela housing fair area 1.
Duration 14 seconds. Size ci 2.1 MB.

Onnela housing fair area 2.
Duration 14 seconds. Size ci 2.1 MB.

Kajaani Main Street
Duration 31 seconds. Size ci 4.5 MB.

Around Town Hall Square
Duration 31 seconds. Size ci 4.4 MB.

Lakes and forests in Kainuu
Duration 49 seconds. Size ci 7.0 MB.


Open in new window:Virtual Kuhmo at

Pictures from City of Kajaani

Kajaani Town Hall Square

Onnela housing fair area

Kauppakatu Street

Scenes from Kainuu province








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