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Fontus City Models

How to use Fontus models

3D maps

Fontus intelligent object models are great for producing different kinds of digital and printed 3D-maps.

According to studies over 90 percent of Americans cannot find their home on telephone catalogue's 2D-map. Compared to 2D-maps 3D-maps are far more concrete and easier to use.

Pictures and animations

Using Fontus VisualizationServer one can render pictures and animations from huge model databases.

Models for games

Fontus models are made particularly for 3D-map applications but they are also excellent for 3D games. Objects can be exported to different file formats considering special requirements of gaming.

Facades are 3D-object models with geometric presentation; facades are not drawn using raster images.

If raster images are used for presenting facades, basic Fontus model is (without geometric 3D facades) an excellent background for raster maps or 3D-facades can be transformed into raster images.

City models are divided in individual "lumps" (blocks, parks, street or water areas). Every lump has information of its name, location, base point and bounding box.


Fontus models are fully 3-dimentional and they can be freely viewed from any angle. Models are at best while moving on street level. Models can be translated into VRML97 and objects can be programmed to present themselves in any virtual file format. All the model surfaces are one sided and all the surface normals are pointing outwards.

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How to use Fontus models

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