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Fontus City Models

Fontus technology and process knowledge enable cost efficient and intelligent 3D Maps for Internet, Wireless Applications and 3D games.

Fontus key technology is its DDL (District Description Language) an object-oriented architecture, which provides conceptual as well as geometrical representations of the environment. This makes Fontus models eminently suitable for developing many kinds of software with modern object-oriented tools and methods.

Objects can be exported to different file formats e.g. in VRML97 with LOD and 3DStudioMax formats with or without facades and details.

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Helsinki model covers over 15 km2 including over 600 city blocks and parks.
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London models covers about 1 km2 of central London around Oxford Street.
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Tokyo Center

Tokyo pilot model is about 1.5 km2 including Marunouchi and Otemachi areas.
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Tokyo - Toranomon

Tokyo/ Toranomon model was made using existing 2D-digital map data and 3D-point data and it covers about 3 km2 south of Tokyo center.
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Bremen (Germany) model includes blocks around old City Hall Square.
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Virtuaali Kainuu

Virtual Kainuu model covers 23.000 km2 of the province of Kainuu in the northeastern part of Finland.

This huge model includes all roads, buildings, lakes and rivers in the province.
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