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3D Maps and 3D City Models

Fontus produces 3D maps and intelligent 3D city models for web browsers and wireless devices and develops software solutions for 3D mapping process.

Established in 1996 and having built several 3D virtual cities, the company made a strategic decision in spring 2000 to focus on 3D navigation applications for third generation mobile technology.

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Ski Resort Map of Finland runs now on Fontus map engine

CityGuide3D-map engine was originally developed specially for publishing 3D maps, but now it is used also to run 2D map service of ski sites of Finland.

We have developed new features for our map engine with Harwest MVA who publishes 2D maps..

You can find 2D Ski Resort Map of Finland at: (Link opens a new window).
Helsinki, December 12th 2007 ( Read more )

3D map of Virtual Ostrobotnia includes now Rahja archipelago

Virtual Ostrobotnia area portal with 3D map of city of Kalajoki expands now to west to include beautiful archipelago of Rahja.

3D map of Rahja archipelago can be found at: (Link opens a new window).
Helsinki, December 1st 2007 ( Read more )

3D map of Ylivieska opened in Virtual Ostrobotnia

Virtual Ostrobotnia area portal published by Fontus and PPO Telephone Company opens now 3D map of Ylivieska town.

3D Map of Ylivieska can be found at: (Link opens a new window).
Helsinki, May 3rd 2007 ( Read more )

CityGuide3D-2.0 upgraded to version beta 0.8

Virtual Helsinki, Virtual-Ostrobothnia and Virtual-Kainuu city portals run now on new beta 0.8 version of CityGuide3D-2.0

See 3D Helsinki map at: (Opens in a new window).
Helsinki, April 23rd 2007 ( Read more )

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